THE OLD RECTORY, November 4, 2013... The time is 3:35pm

PM Herbert, John Henry… and Trish… are sad, but satisfied.

The Old Rectory B&B has closed its doors to earthly visitors after many years of selfless service to its wonderful guests. See, Herbert Goodall and John Henry Rumens were the original rectors at the Old Rectory, but for the past 15 years, Trish Smith has been doing the job - taking care of her flock of visitors from around the world, and shepherding them on their journey. Maybe you were one of them? Maybe you experienced the spirit of comfort and joy at the Old Rectory?

Well, Trish and the boys are a little tired now. It's time for them to put up their feet and enter a new phase of life's rich experience. However, once a friend to the needy traveler… always a friend. So, if there's some way in which we can still help and/or advise, click on the Druid below."
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